A virtual view of managing violence among british escorts

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It is no secret that men seeking to victimize women often select women who work as prostitutes. More is known about the violence experienced by women who work as street prostitutes than those who work indoor as escorts. This article reports two main types of violence reported by British escorts on an Internet site set up specifically for the escorts to share information with one another. Physical violence and electronic abuse are common experiences for those reporting on an Internet website. The focus of the article, however, is how women working as escorts experience these two types of violence in their work and the risk management strategies they employ to maintain their safety. To combat personal violence, women who work as escorts employ practical safety precautions before and during appointments as well as emotional labor during interactions with clients. However, with the changing nature of escorting brought about by the Internet, this article highlights a new threat to women working in escorting: electronic abuse for which there are few solutions at this point.

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JournalDeviant Behavior
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StatePublished - Nov 2007

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