Application of protein lysate microarrays to molecular marker verification and quantification

Anitha Ramaswamy, E. Lin, Iou Chen, Rahul Mitra, Joel Morrisett, Kevin Coombes, Zhenlin Ju, Mini Kapoor

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This study presents the development and application of protein lysate microarray (LMA) technology for verification of presence and quantification of human tissue samples for protein biomarkers. Sub-picogram range sensitivity has been achieved on LMA using a non-enzymatic protein detection methodology. Results from a set of quality control experiments are presented and demonstrate the high sensitivity and reproducibility of the LMA methodology. The optimized LMA methodology has been applied for verification of the presence and quantification of disease markers for atherosclerosis. LMA were used to measure lipoprotein [a] and apolipoprotein B100 in 52 carotid endarterectomy samples. The data generated by LMA were validated by ELISA using the same protein lysates. The correlations of protein amounts estimated by LMA and ELISA were highly significant, with r2 > 0.98 (p<0.001) for lipoprotein [a] and with r2 > 0.94 (p<0.001) for apolipoprotein B100. This is the first report to compare data generated using proteins microarrays with ELISA, a standard technology for the verification of the presence of protein biomarkers. The sensitivity, reproducibility, and high-throughput quality of LMA technology make it a potentially powerful technology for profiling disease specific protein markers in clinical samples.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number9
JournalProteome Science
StatePublished - Nov 10 2005
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