Biofabricated Nanostructures and Their Composites in Regenerative Medicine

Pooyan Makvandi, Matineh Ghomi, Vinod V.T. Padil, Faezeh Shalchy, Milad Ashrafizadeh, Sina Askarinejad, Nahid Pourreza, Ali Zarrabi, Ehsan Nazarzadeh Zare, Mohamad Kooti, Babak Mokhtari, Assunta Borzacchiello, Franklin R. Tay

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Biosynthesis of nanomaterials is gaining attention as a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and reliable method for manufacturing a extensive array of nanostructures, such as metal/metal oxides and organic and hybrid materials. Green synthesis is considered a crucial tool to reduce the harsh effects associated with conventional synthesis. Nanocomposite materials containing biosynthesized nanostructures are highly sought after in regenerative medicine. In the present Review, biosynthesis of metal/metal oxides and carbon-based nanomaterials using microorganisms (e.g., bacteria and fungi) and natural compounds (e.g., polysaccharides, proteins, fruit juices, and plant extracts) is highlighted. The toxicity of biosynthesized nanoparticles for biomedical application is also reviewed in depth. The applications of bionanocomposites prepared from these ecofriendly nanoparticles in tissue engineering are reviewed to provide readers with a background for future studies.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)6210-6238
Number of pages29
JournalACS Applied Nano Materials
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 24 2020


  • biogenic synthesis
  • bone tissue regeneration
  • green synthesis
  • infection-responsive
  • stimulus-responsive drug delivery
  • wound healing

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  • General Materials Science


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