Changes in stiffness of resin-infiltrated demineralized dentin after remineralization by a bottom-up biomimetic approach

Li sha Gu, Bradford P. Huffman, Dwayne D. Arola, Young Kyung Kim, Sui Mai, Mohammed Elsayed Elsalanty, Jun qi Ling, David Henry Pashley, Franklin R. Tay

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This study examined changes in elastic modulus, mineral density and ultrastructure of resin-infiltrated dentin after biomimetic remineralization. Sixty demineralized dentin beams were infiltrated with Clearfil Tri-S Bond, One-Step or Prime&Bond NT. They were immersed in simulated body fluid (SBF) for 1 week to maximize water sorption before determining the baseline elastic moduli. For each adhesive (N = 20) half of the beams remained immersed in SBF (control). The rest were immersed in a biomimetic remineralization medium. The elastic moduli were measured weekly for 15 additional weeks. Representative remineralized specimens were evaluated by X-ray microtomography and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The elastic moduli of control resin-infiltrated dentin remained consistently low, while those immersed in the biomimetic remineralization medium increased by 55-118% after 4 months. X-ray microtomography of the remineralized specimens revealed decreases in mineral density from the beam surface to the beam core that were indicative of external mineral aggregation and internal mineral deposition. Interfibrillar and intrafibrillar remineralization of resin-sparse intertubular dentin were seen under TEM, together with remineralized peritubular dentin. Biomimetic remineralization occurs by diffusion of nanoprecursors and biomimetic analogs in completely demineralized resin-infiltrated dentin and proceeds without the contribution of materials released from a mineralized dentin base.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1453-1461
Number of pages9
JournalActa biomaterialia
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2010


  • Bio-remineralization
  • Elastic modulus
  • Intrafibrillar remineralization
  • Macro-hybrid layer
  • Peritubular dentin

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