Chemical reactivity of [(μ-RSe) (μ-S) {Fe2(CO)6}24-S)]-: Synthesis and characterization of (μ-RSe) (μ-R'S) {Fe2(CO)6}24-S) and (μ3-S)2Fe3 (CO)8 [Se(Ph)Fe(CO)2Cp]

Huai Ben Zheng, Shao Bin Miao, Zhong Xia Wang, Zhong Yuan Zhou, Xiang Ge Zhou

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The reaction Of (μ-S2)Fe2(CO)6 with [(μ-RSe) (μ-CO)Fe2(CO)6]- gives the anionic complexes [(μ-RSe) (μ-S){Fe2(CO)6}24-S)]- (1). Reactions of 1 with electrophiles such as alkyl halides, acid chlorides and PhN2BF4 form neutral complexes (μ-RSe)(μ-R'S) [Fe2(CO)6]24-S) (R = Ph, R' = Me 2a; R = Ph, R' = PhCH2 2b; R = Et, R' = Me 2c; R = Ph, R' = CH3C(O) 3a; R = Ph, R' = PhC(O) 3b; R = Et, R' = PhC(O) 3c; R = R' = Ph 4). Treatment of 1 with Cp(CO)2FeI affords pentanuclear iron complexes (μ-RSe)[μ-Cp(CO)2FeS][Fe2(CO)6]24-S) (R = Ph 5a; R = Et 5b). From the reaction mixture of 1 (R = Ph) and Cp(CO)2FeI, (μ3-S)2Fe3(CO)8[Se(Ph)Fe(CO)2Cp] (6) was also obtained. The structure of complex 6 was determined by single-crystal X-ray analysis. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science Ltd.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)713-718
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StatePublished - Mar 30 2000
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