Choindroitinase ABC I-mediated enhancement of oncolytic virus spread and anti tumor efficacy: A Mathematical model

Yangjin Kim, Hyun Geun Lee, Nina Dmitrieva, Junseok Kim, Balveen Kaur, Avner Friedman

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Oncolytic viruses are genetically engineered viruses that are designed to kill cancer cells while doing minimal damage to normal healthy tissue. After being injected into a tumor, they infect cancer cells, multiply inside them, and when a cancer cell is killed they move on to spread and infect other cancer cells. Chondroitinase ABC (Chase-ABC) is a bacterial enzyme that can remove a major glioma ECM component, chondroitin sulfate glycosoamino glycans from proteoglycans without any deleterious effects in vivo. It has been shown that Chase-ABC treatment is able to promote the spread of the viruses, increasing the efficacy of the viral treatment. In this paper we develop a mathematical model to investigate the effect of the Chase-ABC on the treatment of glioma by oncolytic viruses (OV). We show that the model's predictions agree with experimental results for a spherical glioma. We then use the model to test various treatment options in the heterogeneous microenvironment of the brain. The model predicts that separate injections of OV, one into the center of the tumor and another outside the tumor will result in better outcome than if the total injection is outside the tumor. In particular, the injection of the ECM-degrading enzyme (Chase-ABC) on the periphery of the main tumor core need to be administered in an optimal strategy in order to infect and eradicate the infiltrating glioma cells outside the tumor core in addition to proliferative cells in the bulk of tumor core. The model also predicts that the size of tumor satellites and distance between the primary tumor and multifocal/satellite lesions may be an important factor for the efficacy of the viral therapy with Chase treatment.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere102499
JournalPloS one
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 21 2014
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