Cloning of the human Gfi-1 gene and its mapping to chromosome region 1p22

Terry Roberts, John K. Cowell

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Recently the rat and mouse Growth Factor Independence (Gfi-1) genes have been cloned. This gene allows cells in culture to overcome the depletion of growth factors in the culture medium and maintain their proliferative potential. As part of a cloning strategy to isolated genes from human chromosome 1p22 which are associated with a constitutional chromosome translocation from a patient with stage 4S neuroblastoma, we have identified the human homologue of the Gfi gene and defined a 50 Kb map position within a well characterised YAC contig from the region. The full length cDNA sequence is 81% homologous with the rodent counterparts and, at the protein level, is even more highly conserved.

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Issue number8
StatePublished - 1997
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  • CDNA sequence
  • Chromosome 1p22
  • Human Gfi gene

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