Dentin permeability after toothbrushing with different toothpastes

Carlo Prati, Stefano Chersoni, Alessandra Lucchese, David H. Pashley, Romano Mongiorgi

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Purpose: To evaluate the interaction of smear layer produced during brushing and dentifrice particles. Materials and Methods: Dentin disks were obtained from extracted human third molars. Dentin permeability was evaluated using a hydraulic pressure apparatus working at 1 psi of pressure. After preparation, each sample was connected to the hydraulic pressure apparatus to evaluate the permeability of dentin with the smear layer produced during specimen preparation. After 5 min of measurements dentin was etched with 37% phosphoric acid gel for 2 min, washed and gently dried with cotton to measure the permeability after smear layer removal. This was done to measure the maximum permeability of each specimen (expressed as 100%). Then a second smear layer was produced using a #400 carbide paper under water for 1 min. Dentin permeability of the smear layer covered dentin was then measured, and expressed as a percent of the maximum permeability of that specimen, permitting each specimen to serve as its own control. The three toothpastes used (Merfluan powder, Merfluan paste and Fluorigard) were applied on dentin surfaces using a small sponge to completely cover the dentin surface. After 5 s, each sample was connected to a mechanical device and brushed under water for 3 min with constant pressure of 250 gr using a Colgate medium toothbrush. After this treatment, each sample was gently washed with tap water, gently air dried for 3-5 s and connected with the pressure apparatus to remeasure the permeability after brushing. For SEM examination of dentin before and after treatment with toothpaste and brushing, each dentin and enamel sample was fixed in 2% buffered glutaraldehyde. Results: Dentin permeability proved unaffected by dentifrice treatments. SEM observations demonstrated the presence of dentifrice particles on dentin surface and inside dentin tubules. Smear plugs produced during dentin brushing were not removed by dentifrices.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)190-193
Number of pages4
JournalAmerican journal of dentistry
Issue number4
StatePublished - Aug 1 1999

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