Effect of a suture with a uniform width on stress distribution at cranial bone fronts

P. Odame, J. L. Borke, J. C. Yu, G. Zhang

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The stress distribution at the bone fronts along the bone/suture interfaces was investigated. Using the 2-D mesh generator, the bone and suture were meshed using 2-D quadrilateral elements with a mesh size of 0.05mm for the bone and 0.009mm for the suture. It was observed that at the peaks and valleys the stress decreases as the amplitude increases, and the stress was lower on the concave side than on the convex side. The Mohr's circles along the bone/suture interfaces were constructed to provide a graphic interpretation of the general stress behavior.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationTransactions - 7th World Biomaterials Congress
Number of pages1
StatePublished - Dec 1 2004
EventTransactions - 7th World Biomaterials Congress - Sydney, Australia
Duration: May 17 2004May 21 2004

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NameTransactions - 7th World Biomaterials Congress


OtherTransactions - 7th World Biomaterials Congress


  • Cranial suture
  • Mechano-morphogenesis
  • Mohr's circle
  • Principal stresses
  • Synostosis

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