Effects of pre-mixed hydraulic calcium silicate putties on osteogenic differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells in vitro

Qin Sun, J. Wylie Gustin, Fu cong Tian, Stephanie J. Sidow, Brian E. Bergeron, Jing zhi Ma, Franklin R. Tay

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Objectives: An experimental tricalcium silicate and dicalcium silicate-containing endodontic putty has been designed to overcome the issue of reduced shelf life after exposure to atmospheric moisture during repeated opening of the container for clinical retrieval. The present study examined the effects of this experimental hydraulic putty on the mineralogenic characteristics of osteogenic lineage-committed human dental pulp stem cells (hDPSCs), by comparing the cellular responses with a commercially available putty (EndoSequence BC RRM Putty). Methods: The osteogenic potential of hDPSCs that had been exposed to the putties was examined using quantitative reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction for osteogenic gene expressions and western blot for osteogenic protein expressions. Alkaline phosphatase activity assay and alizarin red S staining were performed to detect changes in production of the intracellular enzyme and extracellular matrix mineralization respectively. Results: Osteogenic differentiation of the hDPSCs was significantly enhanced after exposure to the pre-mixed hydraulic putties, with no significant difference between these two examined putties. Conclusions: The experimental hydraulic tricalcium silicate putty enhances osteogenic differentiation of hDPSCs to the same extent as a commercially available tricalcium silicate putty. Clinical significance: The experimental hydraulic putty appears to be an alternative to the commercial putty when used for applications involving the regeneration of bone in endodontics. Animal models are required for validating its potential in enhancing osteogenesis in vivo.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number103653
JournalJournal of Dentistry
StatePublished - May 2021


  • Human dental pulp stem cells
  • Osteogenic differentiation
  • Premixed putty
  • Tricalcium silicate

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