Epidemiology of sexual dysfunction in Asia compared to the rest of the world

Ronald W. Lewis

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There have been a limited number of epidemiological studies published on sexual disorders in persons from Asia. This paper aims to assess the reports of sexual dysfunction epidemiological studies published in the English language that involved Asian countries. Key points are summarized in this paper from nine epidemiological papers on sexual dysfunction from Asia that were published in the English language. Seven met the criteria for evidence-based studies reaching a Prins score of at least 10 or more. Papers included in this report came from national and regional representative studies in peer review journals. These results for sexual dysfunction in the nine papers are summarized for various sexual dysfunctions in men and women in Asian countries. In three of these, worldwide data were presented in the same paper allowing comparisons with Asian data on prevalence rates. Detailed descriptions from each of these studies are presented in paragraph form. More detailed data on erectile dysfunction (ED) is presented in a tabular form. Collectively, there seems to be a need for country- and population-specific further descriptive and analytical epidemiological studies in all of the sexual disorders from Asia. This critical review paper should help guide these studies for reaching evidence-based literature standards.

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JournalAsian journal of andrology
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StatePublished - Jan 2011
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  • descriptive epidemiology
  • male ED
  • male and female dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation

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