Genome-wide analysis of HOXC9-induced neuronal differentiation of neuroblastoma cells

Xiangwei Wang, Liqun Yang, Jeong Hyeon Choi, Eiko Kitamura, Chang Sheng Chang, Jane Ding, Eun J. Lee, Hongjuan Cui, Han Fei Ding

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Induction of differentiation is a therapeutic strategy in neuroblastoma, a common pediatric cancer of the sympathetic nervous system. The homeobox protein HOXC9 is a key regulator of neuroblastoma differentiation. To gain a molecular understanding of the function of HOXC9 in promoting differentiation of neuroblastoma cells, we conducted a genome-wide analysis of the HOXC9-induced differentiation program by microarray gene expression profiling and chromatin immunoprecipitation in combination with massively parallel sequencing (ChIP-seq). Here we describe in detail the experimental system, methods, and quality control for the generation of the microarray and ChIP-seq data associated with our recent publication [1].

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)50-52
Number of pages3
JournalGenomics Data
StatePublished - 2014
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  • Differentiation
  • HOXC9
  • Neuroblastoma

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