Integration of the physical and genetic linkage map for human chromosome 13

Lesleyann Hawthorn, John K. Cowell

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We have used a panel of somatic cell hybrids containing different rearrangements of human chromosome 13 to integrate genetic and physical maps of this chromosome. The positions of 17 translocation/deletion breakpoints on human chromosome 13 have been determined relative to the microsatellite markers on the genetic linkage map compiled by Généthon. Because markers on maps from several other Consortium groups have also been analyzed using many of the same hybrids, it was possible to relate these with the Généthon map. The position of all of the chromosome breakpoints have been placed, wherever possible, between two adjacent markers on the genetic linkage maps using PCR analysis for the presence/absence of the markers in the somatic cell hybrids. The positions of the breakpoints have already been determined cytogenetically, and some of these breakpoints are located at landmark positions on the chromosome. The relative density of markers along the chromosome differs between independently derived maps, and, based on the known locations of certain breakpoints in the physical map, inconsistencies in the genetic maps have been identified.

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StatePublished - Jun 10 1995
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