Pedicled lateral nasal wall flap for the reconstruction of the nasal septum perforation. A radio-anatomical study

Isam Alobid, Eric Mason, C. Arturo Solares, Daniel Prevedello, Joaquim Enseñat, Matteo De Notaris, Alberto Prats-Galino, Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen, Ricardo Carrau

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RESULTS: The CT angiographies demonstrated an average PLNW area of 10.80±1.13 cm2 and a nasal floor area of 3.78±0.58 cm2. The septal area (22.54±21.32 cm2) was significantly larger than the total PLNW flap area (14.59±1.21 cm2). The average length of the flap was 5.58±0.39 cm, while the septum was 6.66±0.42 cm; therefore the PLNW flap is insufficient to reconstruct the entire septum. The cadaver study showed that the length of the PLNW flap was 5.28±0.40 cm. These results demonstrate that measurements obtained from CT scans are reliable data and similar to those found in the radiological study. Complete closure was achieved in all three patients.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Analysis was conducted on 40 de-identified CT angiographies. The area and length of the PLNW, the septum, and the nasal floor were measured. In a cadaver study, 20 hemi-cranial sagittal sections were also analyzed. The anterior-posterior length of the PLNW flap and the distance between the sphenopalatine foramen and piriform aperture were measured. A clinical study with endoscopic closure of a large perforation was conducted in three patients.

CONCLUSION: The PLNW flap does not render enough tissue to reconstruct a total septal perforation; however, up to 84% of the septum could be repaired with a PLNW. The potential donor area obtained by CT scan and clinical practice support the approachability of PLNW to repair large septal perforation.

INTRODUCTION: The aim of this radio-anatomical study is to ensure that the potential donor area of the pedicled lateral nasal wall flap (PLNW) is adequate to reconstruct nasal perforation.

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StatePublished - Sep 1 2015
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