Poly(aryleneethynylene)s with orange, yellow, green, and blue solid-state fluorescence

Yiqing Wang, Jong Seung Park, Jake Peter Leech, Shaobin Miao, Uwe H.F. Bunz

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Polyester side-chain grafted poly(aryleneethynylene)s (PEPAE) containing benzene and thiadiazole units were synthesized. Electrospinning allowed processing these PEPAEs into nanostructured materials. Large surface areas could be uniformly covered (100 cm2) by this technique. Side chain length, polymer concentration and solvent determined the type of nanostructure (nanofibers or microspheres) formed. When a polyester substituted poly(p-phenyleneethynylene) was electrospun into liquid nitrogen, a unique type of nanoporous morphology emerged.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1843-1850
Number of pages8
Issue number6
StatePublished - Mar 20 2007
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