Pruned Landmark Labeling Meets Vertex Centric Computation: A Surprisingly Happy Marriage!

Ruoming Jin, Zhen Peng, Wendell Wu, Feodor Dragan, Gagan Agrawal, Bin Ren

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In this paper, we study how the Pruned Landmark Labeling (PPL) algorithm can be parallelized in a scalable fashion, producing the same results as the sequential algorithm. More specifically, we parallelize using a Vertex-Centric (VC) computational model on a modern SIMD powered multicore architecture. We design a new VC-PLL algorithm that resolves the apparent mismatch between the inherent sequential dependence of the PLL algorithm and the Vertex- Centric (VC) computing model. Furthermore, we introduce a novel batch execution model for VC computation and the BVC-PLL algorithm to reduce the computational inefficiency in VC-PLL. Quite surprisingly, the theoretical analysis reveals that under a reasonable assumption, BVC-PLL has lower computational and memory access costs than PLL and indicates it may run faster than PLL as a sequential algorithm. We also demonstrate how BVC-PLL algorithm can be extended to handle directed graphs and weighted graphs and how it can utilize the hierarchical parallelism on a modern parallel computing architecture. Extensive experiments on real-world graphs not only show the sequential BVC-PLL can run more than two times faster than the original PLL, but also demonstrates its parallel efficiency and scalability.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Jun 28 2019


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