Simulation of genetic control of reproduction in beef cows. IV. Within-herd breeding value estimation with pasture mating.

D. R. Notter, M. H. Johnson

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Procedures for breeding value estimation for reproductive traits under pasture mating conditions were developed and tested using a computer simulation model of genetic control of bovine reproduction. The model generated annual calving rates (BCR) (0 or 1) and calving dates (CD) for each cow as a function of underlying genetic variation in two independent traits: single-service conception rate, which was indicative of the ability to conceive when estrus occurs, and postpartum interval (PPI) from calving to first estrus. Observed values for BCR and CD were shown to be complex, nonlinear functions of breeding values for ability to conceive (CRG) and for postpartum interval (PPIG) and of the previous CD. Effects of CRG on BCR and CD were small at high values of CRG, but these effects increased as CRG declined. Effects of PPIG on BCR and CD were small for cows that previously calved within the first 21 d of the calving season, but these effects increased for cows that calved after d 21. Previous CD had substantial nongenetic carryover effects on both BCR and CD. Unbiased estimates of CRG and PPIG could not be derived in the absence of breeding information. However, CD were reasonably highly correlated with breeding values for ability to conceive, provided information on open cows was included in the evaluation. Calving dates were only weakly associated with breeding values for PPI, in part because of the relatively short mean PPI (70 d) that was simulated.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalJournal of animal science
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 1988
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