Single-bottle adhesives behave as permeable membranes after polymerisation. II. Differential permeability reduction with an oxalate desensitiser

Cynthia K.Y. Yiu, Noriko Hiraishi, Stefano Chersoni, Lorenzo Breschi, Marco Ferrari, Carlo Prati, Nigel N.M. King, David H. Pashley, Franklin R. Tay

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Objectives: This study examined the changes in hydraulic conductance and ultrastructure of dentine bonded with simplified etch-and-rinse adhesives to oxalate desensitiser pre-treated acid-etched dentine. Methods: Human dentine disks were acid-etched, treated with an oxalate desensitiser (BisBlock, Bisco), and bonded with One-Step (OS), Single Bond (SB), OptiBond Solo Plus (OB) or Prime and Bond NT (PB). Similar disks from each group were acid-etched, and bonded without oxalate pre-treatment. Hydraulic conductance of the specimens was measured at 20 cm of water pressure and analysed with nonparametric statistical methods. Epoxy resin replicas of the smear layer-covered dentine and bonded dentine were examined with SEM for the extent of fluid transudation. Specimens bonded under perfusion were examined with TEM after tracer immersion. Results: OB and PB exhibited a highly significant reversal of the reduced hydraulic conductance obtained with BisBlock on unbonded acid-etched dentine. Profuse water transudation across the bonded dentine was observed from the replicas. Adhesive interfaces were covered with spherical globules that interfered with dentine hybridization. Conversely, no significant difference in hydraulic conductance was observed in SB, between Bisblock pre-treated, unbonded and bonded acid-etched dentine. Significantly lower hydraulic conductance was shown on application of OS to Bisblock-treated acid-etched dentine. Water transudation was sparse, interfering surface globular structures were absent, and only angular subsurface crystals were seen in the dentinal tubules. Conclusions: Convective water fluxes through dentine may be reduced by applying Bisblock to acid-etched dentine before bonding with One-Step or Single Bond. However, reducing adhesive permeability with the use of oxalate desensitiser is not applicable to low acidity adhesives such as OptiBond Solo Plus and Prime and Bond NT.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)106-116
Number of pages11
JournalJournal of Dentistry
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2006
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  • Dentine perfusion
  • Etch-and-rinse
  • Flodec
  • Oxalate desensitiser
  • Two-step

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