State-of-the-art: Dental photocuring - A review

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Light curing in dentistry has truly revolutionized the practice of this art and science. With the exception bonding to tooth structure, there is perhaps no single advancement that has promoted the ease, efficiency, productivity, and success of performing dentistry. Like most every major advancements in this profession, the technology underlying the successful application of light curing in dentistry did not arise from within the profession, but instead was the result of innovative adaptations in applying new advances to clinical treatment. One cannot appreciate the current status of dental photocuring without first appreciating the history and innovations of the science and industry underlying the advances from which it developed. This review will place the current status of the art within the context of its historical progression, enabling a better appreciation for the benefits and remaining issues that photocuring has brought us. Lastly, the manuscript will present thoughts for future considerations in the field, offering suggestions as to how current advances in light-generating science might yet be adapted for dental use.

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JournalDental Materials
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2011


  • Argon laser
  • Beam homogeneity
  • LED
  • Photocuring
  • Plasma arc
  • Quartz-tungsten-halogen

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