Surgical disconnection of epilepsy network correlates with improved outcomes

Elliot G. Neal, Stephanie Maciver, Mike R. Schoenberg, Fernando L. Vale

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Purpose: A novel software algorithm combining non-invasive EEG and resting state functional MRI data to map networks of cortex correlated to epileptogenic tissue was used to map an epilepsy network non-invasively. The relationship between epilepsy network connectivity and outcomes after surgery was investigated using this non-invasive and non-concurrent modeling algorithm. Method: Scalp EEG and resting state functional MRI were acquired for nineteen patients with temporal lobe epilepsy. The hypothetical irritative zone was mapped, and resting state functional MRI data was used to model regions functionally correlated with the irritative zone. Epilepsy network connectivity was measured in patient with temporal lobe epilepsy (n = 19) both pre- and post-operatively. Temporal networks were also mapped in healthy control participants (n = 6). Results: Thirteen of nineteen patients (68 %) were seizure free after 20.3 ± 4.8 months. Epilepsy network connectivity within the temporal lobe was significantly higher among patients with temporal lobe epilepsy compared to the healthy control patients (p < 0.05). Disconnection of the epilepsy network was significantly higher in patients who were seizure free. Using spearman rho analyses, neuropsychological function after surgery was found to be relatively better in patients with higher degree of epilepsy network disconnection. Conclusions: The magnitude of network disconnection after surgery was strongly associated with increased rates of seizure freedom and relatively better neuropsychological measures of memory and naming function. It was shown that seizure-free outcomes and relatively improved neuropsychological function correlated with surgical disconnection of a highly synchronous epilepsy network.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Mar 2020
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  • Epilepsy imaging
  • Epilepsy prognosis
  • Epilepsy surgery
  • Irritative zone
  • Resting state connectivity
  • Temporal lobe epilepsy

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