The effect of tiller addition on biaxial flexure strength and modulus of commercial dentin bonding systems

Marcelo Giannini, Donald Mettenburg, César Augusto Galvão Arrais, Frederick Rueggeberg

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Objective: To evaluate the effects of filler addition on the biaxial flexural strength and modulus of two commercial adhesive systems. Method and Materials: The systems were either unfilled (Adper Single Bond [3M ESPE] and Prime & Bond 2.1 [Dentsply]) or filled (Adper Single Bond Plus [3M ESPE] and Prime & Bond NT [Dentsply]). Resin disks of each product (0.6 mm thick and 6.2 mm in diameter) were prepared in Teflon molds (n = 11 each group; 44 in total). The adhesive solutions were light activated with a halogen light-curing unit. The disks were stored dry in the dark 24 hours before biaxial flexural testing in a universal testing machine until fracture (1.27 mm/minute; model 5844, Instron). Data were statistically analyzed by one-way ANOVA and Tukey post hoc test at a preset alpha of 0.05. Results: Flexural strength values (MPa) (SD) were Single Bond 62 (16); Single Bond Plus 46 (15): Prime & Bond 59 (13); and Prime & Bond NT 85 (16). The flexural moduli (MPa) (SD) were Single Bond 1,026 (241); Single Bond Plus 1,180 (188); Prime & Bond 744 (146); and Prime & Bond NT 1,539 (267). Based on the results, Prime & Bond NT (filled) exhibited higher flexural strength and modulus than Prime & Bond (unfilled), while no significant difference in both parameters was noted between Single Bond and Single Bond Plus. Conclusion: Filler addition to bonding agents can increase the flexural strength and modulus; however, results are product dependent.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)e39-e43
JournalQuintessence international
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jan 1 2011


  • Biaxial flexural test
  • Bonding agents
  • Fillers
  • Flexural modulus
  • Flexural strength

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