TTC4, a novel candidate tumor suppressor gene at 1p31 is often mutated in malignant melanoma of the skin

Micaela Poetsch, Thomas Dittberner, John K. Cowell, Christian Woenckhaus

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A novel candidate tumor suppressor gene, TTC4, on chromosome 1p31 has been described recently. Since aberrations in this region have been detected in malignant melanoma, we investigated DNA of paraffin-embedded sections from 16 typical naevi, 19 atypical naevi, 32 primary melanomas (15 superficial spreading melanomas, 17 nodular melanomas) and 25 metastases and DNA from four melanoma cell lines by PCR and direct sequencing analysis for mutations in all exons of TTC4. Tumors comprised a wide range of thickness (Breslow index) and Clark levels. No mutations could be detected in typical or atypical naevi, but we found seven different point mutations in the tumor samples, six of them causing an amino acid change. Ten melanoma samples belonging to nine patients showed one or more of these mutations. In detail, in six of 25 metastases, in two of 17 nodular melanomas and in two of 15 superficial spreading melanomas point mutations could be detected. In two cell lines, a loss of a whole exon could be demonstrated and in one cell line we found a point mutation. In addition, three polymorphisms were found. Our findings indicate that TTC4 may participate in the pathogenesis of malignant melanomas of the skin.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Issue number50
StatePublished - Nov 23 2000
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  • Malignant melanoma
  • Sequencing analysis
  • TTC4

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