Weight reduction goal achievement with high-intensity MOVE!® treatment

Jane T. Garvin

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Objective: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of high-intensity treatment with the behavioral weight reduction program, MOVE!®, available at Veterans Administration Medical Centers, on achieving at least a 5% weight reduction 6 months after enrolling in the program. MOVE!® is free to veterans but little is known about the recommended number of sessions. Design and Sample: Using longitudinal clinical data from electronic health records of 216 MOVE!® program participants, weight reduction was examined in this secondary data analysis. Measures: Based on the 2013 guidelines for overweight and obesity management, weights were evaluated at baseline and 6 months following enrollment in the program, and high-intensity MOVE!® was determined by attending 14 or more sessions within the first 6 months following enrollment. Results: High-intensity MOVE!® participants were five times as likely to achieve at least the 5% weight reduction goal at 6 months compared to those participants with low intensity, while controlling for age, gender, and race (OR = 4.74; CI: 1.3, 17.2; p <.02). Conclusion: This research supports the 2013 recommendations for high-intensity lifestyle intervention as participants who completed 14 or more sessions were almost five times more likely to achieve a 5% weight reduction.

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JournalPublic Health Nursing
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StatePublished - May 1 2015


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