• Cannon, Joseph Gerard (PI)
  • Braylan, Raul C. (PI)
  • Wiley, Robert (PI)
  • Banker, Gilbert (PI)

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Funds are requested to purchase a Flow Cytometer/Cell Sorter
for at least six groups of investigators in the Department of
Pathology of the College of Medicine of the University of Florida.
The scope of these investigations is very broad and includes: a)
analyses of surface antigens, DNA content and kinetic properties
of human and murine lymphoma cells, b) detection and
quantitation of lymphocyte antigens in prediabetes and endocrine
diseases, c) detection of anti-HLA antibodies on human T-
lymphocytes and platelets, d) identification of cell surface
markers identifying metastic phenotypes and, e) identification and
quantitation of Class II molecules on murine splenic B
lymphocytes. Although a flow cytometer/cell sorter already
exists in our department and is available for these projects, the
instrument is reaching obsolescence and is heavily committed to
analysis of high priority, hospital-related clinical samples. The
lack of ready access to a modern and reliable instrument and a
faster, high performance computer is jeopardizing the current
efforts of these investigators and those of other researchers with
increasing needs for flow cytometry and cell sorting. We have
extensive experience with this technology and with the
organization and planning of a multi-user laboratory. We also
have competent personnel to operate and maintain the
instruments. The commitments of the College of Medicine and
the Department of Pathology to support our efforts, and the
number of well funded projects that require this technology,
insure the proper functioning and adequate future operation of the
flow cytometry/sorting facility.
Effective start/end date2/20/872/28/95


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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