Association between the C825T polymorphism of the G protein β3-subunit gene and hypertension in blacks

Yanbin Dong, Haidong Zhu, Giuseppe A. Sagnella, Nicholas D. Carter, Derek G. Cook, Francesco P. Cappuccio

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A polymorphism (C825T) of the G protein β3-subunit gene has been associated with low renin hypertension in whites. The aim of this study was to examine the C825T polymorphism in relation to hypertension in a population-based study of black people of African origin who have high prevalence of low renin, salt-sensitive hypertension. A total of 428 men and women, aged 40 to 59 years (270 Caribbeans and 158 West Africans), who took part in a population-based survey were studied. All were blacks and first- generation immigrants. The C825T polymorphism was detected by polymerase chain reaction followed by restriction-enzyme digestion. The prevalence of hypertension (supine blood pressures ≥ 160 systolic and/or 95 mm Hg diastolic or on drug therapy) was 43%. The distribution of the genotypes (CC, CT, and TT) was in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium with observed frequencies of 4.0% (n=17), 33.6% (n=144), and 62.4% (n=267), respectively. Allele frequencies were 20.8% for C and 79.2% for T. No difference was detected between Caribbeans and West Africans. A 3-fold higher risk of hypertension was found among the carriers of the T variant both as heterozygotes (odds ratio [OR], 3.43 [95% CI, 0.94 to 12.4]) and homozygotes (OR, 3.87 [95% CI, 1.09 to 13.8]). The estimate of effect and the blood pressure values in the groups carrying the T variant suggested a dominant model for the T allele. This was confirmed by a significant association between the T allele and hypertension (OR, 3.71 [95% CI, 1.05 to 13.1]), even when adjusted for age, sex, and body mass index (OR, 4.14 [95% CI, 1.11 to 15.4]). The study shows, for the first time, a high frequency of the 825T allele in black people, and it provides evidence that the T allele may be a susceptibility factor for the development of hypertension in blacks. Given the high frequency of the T allele, even a 2-fold increased risk of hypertension among the carriers of the T allele might account for 44% of the cases of hypertension in blacks.

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Pages (from-to)1193-1196
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Issue number6
StatePublished - Dec 1999
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