Cross-reactivity distinguishes serum and nephritogenic anti-DNA antibodies in human lupus from their natural counterparts in normal serum

Jorge Sabbaga, Oleh G. Pankewycz, Volkmar Lufft, Robert S. Schwartz, Michael P. Madaio

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To distinguish the properties of anti-DNA antibodies in patients with lupus from those in normal individuals, we compared the ligand binding, idiotypic and charge properties of serum anti-DNA antibodies derived from: patients with active lupus; normal individuals; and among Ig eluted from the kidneys of two patients with active lupus nephritis (one with mesangial proliferation and the other with membranous nephropathy). The kidney eluate anti-DNA antibodies were the most cross-reactive; they cross-reacted with ssDNA, poly(GdC), poly(dT), poly(dG), poly(dC), ZDNA, SmRNP and the phospholipids cardiolipin and phosphatidyl serine. Lupus serum anti-DNA antibody cross-reacted with polynucleotides but not with phospholipids, whereas anti-DNA antibodies derived from normal serum reacted only with poly(dT). An antiidiotype (anti-IdD; produced against serum anti-DNA antibodies from one patient) reacted with: anti-DNA antibodies in 8 9 lupus sera; antibodies in both kidney eluates; and anti-DNA antibodies from 5 7 normal sera. Anti-IdD did not react with Ig that did not bind to DNA. Isoelectric focusing of Ig showed that the charge of anti-DNA antibodies from lupus serum and normal serum were similar and unrestricted (pI 5.4-9.0); Ig in kidney eluates varied: membranous lupus pI 4.5-8.6; mesangial lupus pI 8.1-9.1. We conclude that idiotypically related anti-DNA antibodies in tissue lesions, lupus serum and normal serum from different individuals can be distinguished on the basis of their cross-reactive antigen-binding properties. Furthermore the cross-reactive properties of lupus autoantibodies may influence their capacity to form glomerular immune deposits.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)215-235
Number of pages21
JournalJournal of Autoimmunity
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 1990

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