Homozygous deletion of a DNA marker from chromosome 11p13 in sporadic Wilms tumor

William H. Lewis, Herman Yeger, Laura Bonetta, Helen S.L. Chan, Joonsoo Kang, Claudine Junien, John Cowell, Carol Jones, Leslie A. Dafoe

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A random DNA fragment, probe p2.3 (locus D11S87), was cloned from the 11p13 region between a translocation breakpoint associated with familial aniridia and another translocation breakpoint associated with childhood T-cell leukemia. The D11S87 locus maps between the catalase (CAT) locus and the β subunit of follicle stimulating hormone (FSHB). The D11S87 locus is deleted in a Wilms tumor patient with a constitutional deletion of 11p and in a case of sporadic Wilms tumor (WiT-13) apparently with normal karyotype. In the WiT-13 tumor both maternal and paternal chromosomes 11 are retained; D11S87 is deleted homozygously and FSHB hemizygously. These results suggest two mutational events resulting in homozygous deletion in this patient. The D11S87 homozygous deletion was also demonstrated in WiT-13 nude mouse heterotransplants and in fibroblast-like cell line derived from the primary tumor. The minimum size of the deletion was estimated to be 30 kb as determined by cosmid screening and hybridization. As homozygous deletions in the 11p13 region have not been previously reported for sporadic Wilms tumors, these findings place the D11S87 locus within or approximate to the Wilms tumor gene.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)25-31
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StatePublished - Jul 1988
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