Lin28 regulates HER2 and promotes malignancy through multiple mechanisms

Chen Feng, Veronique Neumeister, Wei Ma, Jie Xu, Lingeng Lu, Jennifer Bordeaux, Nita Jane Maihle, David L. Rimm, Yingqun Huang

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The RNA binding protein Lin28 and its paralog Lin28B are associated with advanced human malignancies. Blocking the biogenesis of let-7 miRNA, a tumor suppressor, by Lin28/Lin28B has been thought to underlie their roles in cancer. Here we report that the mRNA for the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2), a HER-family receptor tyrosine kinase known to play a critical role in cell proliferation and survival and also a major therapeutic target in breast cancer, is among several targets of Lin28 regulation. We show that Lin28 stimulates HER2 expression at the posttranscriptional level, and that enforced Lin28 expression promotes cancer cell growth via multiple mechanisms. Consistent with its pleiotropic role in regulating gene expression, Lin28 overexpression in primary breast tumors is a powerful predictor of poor prognosis, representing the first report on the impact of Lin28 expression on clinical outcome in human cancer. While revealing another layer of regulation of HER2 expression in addition to gene amplification, our studies also suggest novel mechanistic insights linking Lin28 expression to disease outcome and imply that targeting multiple pathways is a common mechanistic theme of Lin28-mediated regulation in cancer.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2486-2494
Number of pages9
JournalCell Cycle
Issue number13
StatePublished - Jul 1 2012


  • Breast cancer
  • Her2 (ErbB2/neu)
  • Lin28
  • Post-transcriptional

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