New zirconia primer improves bond strength of resin-based cements

Pascal Magne, Maria P.G. Paranhos, Luiz H. Burnett

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Objective: Various chemical interactions can be used to develop ceramic-resin bonding and specific approaches are available for zirconia ceramics. This study evaluated the effect of a new experimental primer, a mixture of organophosphate and carboxylic acid monomers, on the zirconia-to-resin shear bond strength (SBS). Methods: Forty Y-TZP blocks (15 × 4 × 2 mm) were embedded in an acrylic resin base, polished, Al2O3-sandblasted and randomly divided into eight groups. Three different resin-based luting agents (BisCem, Duo-Link, Panavia F) were used to build 2.4 mm-diameter cylinders (n = 15) onto the zirconia surface with and without the new experimental zirconia primer. The new primer was also tested with Z100 restorative composite resin cylinders. In addition, Panavia was used with its own primer (Clearfil Ceramic Primer). SBS testing was carried out after 24 h of storage in water. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to evaluate the zirconia surface topography and failure mode. Results: According to ANOVA and Tukey test (α = 0.05), the association of the experimental primer with the restorative composite resin Z100 yielded the highest SBS (29.35 MPa) followed by DuoLink with the new primer (26.68 MPa). The groups that did not receive the experimental primer presented the lowest SBS values (from 5.95 to 9.79 MPa). The failure mode was adhesive for the non-primed specimens and predominantly mixed in the primed groups. Significance: The use of the new zirconia experimental primer based on organophosphate/carboxylic acid monomers increased the bond strength of different resin-based luting agents including Z100 restorative material.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)345-352
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JournalDental Materials
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2010
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  • Airborne-particle abrasion
  • Bond strength
  • Resin luting material
  • Shear test
  • Surface conditioning methods
  • Zirconia ceramics

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