Nonlethal weapons: The broader context

Peter J. Cuenca, John G. McManus

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Recent experiences in peacekeeping missions, developments in nonlethal technology, and the current Global War on Terrorism have resulted in increased development and fielding of nonlethal weapons (NLW) within the U S military [1-3]. Such weapons are designed to complement and extend diplomatic and military options beyond the use of more traditional lethal weapons. Non-lethal weapons allow the military to accomplish dangerous objectives within the framework of very restrictive rules of engagement (ROE) typically associated with missions such as peacekeeping, peacemaking, detention operations, and humanitarian assistance. Soldiers executing operations other than war (OOTW) today are armed with a variety of non-lethal weapons and munitions allowing them to control the amount of force necessary to accomplish the mission.

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StatePublished - Dec 1 2009
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