Richard Ernst Meyer 1919-2008

R. J. Stalker, E. Nicole Meyer

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Richard E. Meyer was a mathematical physicist who specialized in the physics of fluid motion. His research career began with his doctorate at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, followed by a brief period of employment with the English Ministry of Aircraft Production. He then went to the University of Manchester, where he made his first major research contributions. In 1953 he left Manchester for the University of Sydney. By this time he was established as a theoretical supersonic aerodynamicist and he continued with this work as well as assuming the responsibilities of a research group leader. In 1957 he went to the USA and remained there for the rest of his life, essentially abandoning supersonic aerodynamics in favour of water-wave theory. His work was marked by an ability to analyse the approach to limiting conditions, or singularities, in models of physical processes. From the 1970s, he focused increasingly on developing the mathematical aspects of his work

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JournalHistorical Records of Australian Science
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