The psychology of hazing

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Colgate University Men’s Sports Team Suspended for Hazing, ‘High-risk Alcohol Consumption’ HAMILTON, NY - Colgate University has suspended its men’s swimming and diving team for the fall season due to “hazing and high-risk alcohol consumption,” officials announced. The team is suspended from all fall competition and its winter training trip, according to a statement by the university. After an investigation by the university’s athletics department and dean’s office, the university found the team engaged in hazing that included high-risk alcohol consumption. “We regret the need to make this decision but also want to communicate clearly and unequivocally that hazing and highrisk drinking have no place in Colgate’s Division I athletics program or at Colgate University,” said Colgate Vice President and Director of Athletics. Hazing is prohibited by Colgate University policy and state law. Members of the team also must undergo mandatory education regarding hazing. In September 2017, Colgate’s men’s rowing team also was suspended for a season due to hazing. (Doran, 2018).

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